Old Run Down Building. Spainsh Fork, Utah

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated with run down buildings and objects. And know matter where I am there is always a building worthy of photographing. Before I make an image I'll ask myself why has no one taken care of this building, who did use it, and how long will it be standing? There are shells of buildings all over the place some just a fondation, some have the walls, and some look like all they need is a little work to make them usable.

Random Building_SF

Hovenweep National Monument

Out of all of the National Parks and Monuments in Utah Hovenweep is one that I had not visited. While I working on my BFA me and some of my friends went on a weekend photography road trip. We went over 1200 miles that weekend that took us through Utah and two other states (Arizona , Colorado, and almost Nevada). One of the best stops was at Hovenweep National Monument. They had super nice campsites and best of all between November through February camping was free. The scenery was spectacular and the ancient Native American ruins are amazing. I as able to create this image of Hovenweep Castle for my BFA show and it was also one of the three images selected that was published in the award winning book Uncommon Ground.


My take on Family Portraits

Here is my take on family portraits. Everyone is beautiful and unique, but we all have sides that are peculiar and secretive. By synthesizing many photographs into one image I am able to make a portrait that is as beautiful, mysterious, and obscure as we are. I will be posting individual images of my family next week on Instagram @atomicwigwam