Vacant Beauty

Vacant places are all around us, whether they are abandoned objects, buildings, or entire towns. These castoffs fascinate me as an artist, with the mystery of how or why they were left behind. Who lived there? How long? And why did they leave? I love to go to these places and explore every inch to capture all the nuances they possess. Likewise, I hope that the viewer will look deep into each image and see details that they might not find by quickly glancing and then moving on to the next image. By asking questions, analyzing the images, or basking in the mysterious nature the images reveal, the viewer becomes a contributor in creating both a story and a shared experience.This exhibit is another branch of an ongoing project of mine called Roadside Ruins and Attractions. Instead of using Straight Photography, here I synthesize multiple perspectives of the object or place to create a single unified and abstracted image.

Thompson Springs_Utah